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HafemVee is the first 21st Century Technology Project Center Here in Port Harcourt.  With a mission to inspire and equip Nigerian youths with 21st Century technology skills needed to innovate, become self-reliant and also create jobs for themselves and others.  

In a competitive environment in which we are in today, what extra edge are you giving to your students? Parents are becoming more aware that it takes more than the regular subjects being taught in our schools to enable their child stand out from the crowd considering the competition today and this awareness, now has an influence when choosing a school to enroll their kids.

Every serious school management is in an ever unending cycle of seeking new ways to add value to students so these kids can become good ambassadors and also ensure these students standout amongst peers of other schools.

Technology now affects every aspect of our life today and only those who have a good knowledge of it will have a head start in the competition being faced today. Do your students have this extra edge? If your answer is not in the affirmative and you are probably wondering how this can be achieved, Hafemvee is the solution.

We are very passionate about raising the next generation of tech entrepreneurs, Coders, Engineers, Scientists and Inventors by equipping them with 21st century technology skills.
Register today for any of our Tech courses online or at our office and equip yourself or your child with 21st Century Technology Skills and stay ahead in your career.

To bridge the information/ technology gap by building the next generation of tech inventors and providing imperial services to our clients

To be the benchmark tech training institute in AFRICA.

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