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Our Services

  • Services offered at HafemVee include: Technology Training, Electronic Project Design & Consultation, Mobile Games Design, Mobile Apps Design, Website Design, Technology Incubation.
  • Technology Training : Hafemvee offers technology training to different categories of people ranging from primary school students to university students. We also offer trainings to working class people.
  • Mobile Games Design: Students will learn the production, design and coding process of Mobile Games. They will learn how to port their games to mobile devices (Phones & Tablets) and also learn Mobile Games Ads and Monetization 
  • Web Design &Programming: This course will help the students to understand how a web page works. The students will know how to use a web editor to make websites. This course will help them to create links and images for their websites and how to publish the website online and optimize it for mobile devices. 
  • Electronics Design Technology: Students will learn about various electronics components and use them to build working electronic circuits and gadgets. They will learn how to write codes in C++ and upload to Microcontrollers that will be used in various projects. Our Microcontroller is based on Arduino and it is used in over 300 Universities worldwide. 
  • Technology Incubation: HafemVee's Research and Development unit focuses on developing products and services that can add value to people in Africa.  

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